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What items do we take?


We cater for all budgets and tastes!  We sell from High Designer and high end High Street.  We also have a dedicated vintage section with items that have dated way back to the 1920's.  Anything from the 1990's can be classed as vintage now!  We even take branded baby bags and "man bags"!  We cannot take any replica handbags, handbags that are extremely soiled, damaged or missing pieces. 



All shoes brought in to be sold must be either new and unworn or gently worn.  They must be clean and in sellable condition.  We take from sizes UK 2 (Euro 35) to UK 9 (Euro 42).  They can either be boxed or unboxed.  As alot of shoes are seasonal, we will only take appropriate styles for the time of year. Eg. Sandals in the Summer, fur lined boots in the Winter.  We cannot take replica designer shoes.



We sell wallets and purses, scarves, gloves, belts, high designer watches, high designer sunglasses, leather filofaxes, leather travel document holders, leather passport holders, wedding hats, jewellery rolls, make-up bags, even designer doggy wear........the list is not exhaustive!  Again because certain items are seasonal we will only take knitted hats, scarves and gloves in the lead up to and during Winter.  We cannot take any replica designer accessories.  



We sell beautiful diamond pieces, Platinum, traditional gold and silver pieces and high designer costume jewellery. We take necklaces, rings, bangles and bracelets, charms, brooches and earrings.  (All earrings will be sterilised if worn.)  We cannot take any replica designer pieces or items of jewellery that are broken, missing pieces or are tarnished.  We do not take budget high street or supermarket costume jewellery.  




We sell high designer and high quality luggage, popular branded luggage and overnight bags.  Brands like Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Gucci,  Radley, Cath Kidston.  Luggage will be taken providing there is space in store to display.  If we have no room you may be asked if you would like to bring it back at a later date.  

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