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Selling Terms and Conditions...

Items brought into Handbag Heaven Exchange are for sale on behalf of you, the customer.  A sale price was agreed by the customer and Handbag Heaven Exchange.  Prices may be altered slightly if the current RRP is found to be more or less than that stated at the time of pricing.  

I agree that 50% of this sale price will be retained by Handbag Heaven Exchange and 50% will come to me, the customer.  (If sale price exceeds £300, Handbag Heaven Exchange will retain only 40% while the customer will receive 60%.)

I agree that my items will be for sale at Handbag Heaven Exchange for 6 months for the set price.  After 6 months, if the items have not been sold, Handbag Heaven Exchange will reduce the price automatically to try to secure a sale.  Items priced £15 or under may be donated to “It’s Good To Give” for childhood cancer where the charity will receive all money from each sale.  Handbag Heaven Exchange will not retain any profit.

Handbag Heaven Exchange cannot be held responsible for any reasonable wear or tear an item might incur from being on display. 

We ask you to please contact us to determine if any items have been sold.  Handbag Heaven Exchange will NOT contact you to advise any sales of items due to the high number of sellers. 

A £1 admin fee will be retained by Handbag Heaven Exchange to cover the cost of each cheque required by the customer.  You can opt to take an item in exchange for your payment amount due which will incur no admin cost.

If money due is not collected in the form of a cheque or exchange by 18 months from the date of sale commencing, customer’s share of the profit may be donated to our nominated charity “It’s Good To Give” at the discretion of Handbag Heaven Exchange.

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