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Welcome to Handbag Heaven Exchange..

..where authentic luxury costs less and we take the work out of selling your pre-loved handbags and accessories!

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Selling with us


At Handbag Heaven Exchange we do the work for you to sell your unwanted items and leave you with the fun part......earning yourself money!

Bring your pre-loved items in store.  We will decide along with you how to price the items to put them up for sale.  We base the prices on the original cost of the item, the condition and the desirability. 

We will decide on a price that you are happy with and that we think will be achievable.  

Once your item sells, the profits will be split 50/50 between yourself and Handbag Heaven.  If any item exceeds £300, you will recieve 60% of the profit and we will only retain 40%.

You will be paid by cheque on the production of your receipt.  Alternatively, you can opt to take an item instore in exchange for your credit due.  

We will keep your items selling at the agreed price for 6 months.  


Mulberry Bayswater preowned




At Handbag Heaven Exchange you can purchase that dream luxury handbag for a fraction of the original retail price!  
We have the largest range of pre-loved handbags, shoes and accessories in Scotland with everything from Luxury Designer items to modern High Street, amazing vintage pieces, bespoke and independent designers. 
We have something to suit every taste and budget.


At Handbag Heaven Exchange we understand how important it is to feel confident in what you are buying.  Our team of experienced, knowledgable collegues authenticate designer items instore to the highest possible standard.  We are thoroughly researched in determining the authenticating features on the big name designer items and have never miss-sold any item since opening our store in 2010.  


We pride ourselves on our promise that every single item in our store is genuine.  

Replica items are illegal and immoral and there is no place for them at Handbag Heaven Exchange.

We authenticate every item that enters our store to highest possible standard.  If we have any doubt, however small, we don't sell it.  It's as simple as that!   

Buying from us
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How can I tell if a designer bag is genuine?

In some instances you can't!  But we can!  We have extensive knowledge on how to authenticate dozens of luxury brands throughout decades of design changes.  If we are ever unsure at all, it doesn't go up for sale!  Replicas are getting better all the time.  There are obvious signs to look for like stitching, quality of material, serial numbers, holograms etc.  Then there are things you would never nescessarily think to check.  There is at least one defining or telling characteristic on every big brand that we know of that can define a fake from a genuine product.  To date we have never miss-sold any designer item.  If there was ever an instance where a mistake was made we offer a full money back guarantee!

Why can't I be paid in cash instead of a cheque?

Because of the amount we pay out to customers we cannot keep cash on our premises.  This is for security and safety reasons.  Everything coming in and out of Handbag Heaven also has to have a definitive paper trail.  The only way we can absolutely ensure this is to pay by cheque.  Cheques can be cashed conveniently now.  If you have a smartphone, your bank will have an app where you can use the new "cheque imaging" feature.  You can cash your cheque at any time of day or night.  Another bonus is that your money will only take 24 hours to reach your account instead of the usual 5 working days when depositing manually at a bank branch.   

Why don't you contact me when an item sells?

At Handbag Heaven we have over 2000 selling customers.  The volume of sales makes it impossible to find the time during trading hours to contact every customer who has an item sold.  We would literally be contacting people all day!  That's the reason we kindly ask you to contact us from time to time to establish the status of the items you have for sale.  


Can I exchange my items for other things instore?

If you have any items to sell, once they are sold you have the option to either take a cheque for the amount due, or you can take an exchange for any of our current stock.  You can receive part cheque/part exchange, or take a more expensive item and pay the difference!  It's up to you!


Do you have an exchange/refund policy?

If any items bought for the purpose of a gift are unsuitable, then we will exchange the item for something else in store or you can decide to take vouchers to use at a later date.  Providing you have the gift receipt given at the time of purchase and it is within the 14 day time limit.  
If you change your mind about an item bought in store we will be happy to re-sell the item on your behalf.  Please see our sell your items section.



At Handbag Heaven Exchange we run as part charity. 
Over the years we have attended many charity raising events and donated some beautiful items to be auctioned by It's Good 2 Give.
As well as selling on behalf of customers we ask for kind donations to be sold on behalf of our dedicated charity.  When these donated items sell at
Handbag Heaven Exchange 100% of profits go to "It's Good 2 Give", helping young people with Cancer and their families, friends and support teams.  All our donation items are clearly tagged with special labels informing customers of this.  Look out for the price tags like this.....

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 03.10.29.png
It's Good to Give



Tue: 11:00am - 4:00pm
Wed: 11:00am - 4:00pm
Thu: 11:00am - 4:00pm 
Fri: 11:00am - 4:00pm
Sat: 10:00am - 5:00pm

We will be closed for an extended winter break into the New Year.  We will be closed from Sunday 24th December 2023 until 17th January 2024.

Opening hours

How to find us...

36 Howe Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH3 6TH

0131 225 4228

©2018 by Handbag Heaven Exchange. 

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